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International Travel Safety E-learning

As the world becomes smaller and business becomes truly global, overseas travel for employees has become the norm. Despite the apparent ease of international travel in the 21st Century, there remain significant health and safety risks for international travelers and in depth knowledge about the vaccines and paperwork needed (to name a few of the important factors which may cause hassles during an international trip) is seldom found in one single repository. Fearing excessively high investment to educate the staff, many organizations leave the preparation, safety and support of traveling staff to chance even though an employer’s duty of care extends worldwide.
International Travel Safety

Our International Travel Safety e-learning course imparts skills and knowledge that will encourage safe and compliant behavior amongst employees. Having your employees take the course also helps to protect your company, as an audit trail is created, demonstrating your commitment to your duty of care towards your traveling staff. It will also increase stakeholder confidence through greater corporate social responsibility while reducing your organization’s exposure to liability which can be considerable in case of international mishaps.

This course is hosted on the Planet Wise Learning Management System (LMS) and as such all existing rules and terms of use apply to it. Kindly read the corresponding LMS and Bespoke LMS pages to learn a lot more.

NOTE: International Travel Safety is fast emerging as the most dominant cause of concern for large organizations following a string of unsavory incidents involving traveling staff or businessmen. Each of these mishaps could have been avoided had the victims been properly trained and made aware of the “dos and don’ts” of the region they are traveling to.


Key Benefits

  • Motivate compliance among travellers
  • Reduce traveller risk
  • Reduce company risk
  • Demonstrate your duty of care, which extends worldwide
  • Minimise prosecutions
  • Guarantee uniformity of training amongst your staff
  • Create an audit trail of traveller documentation.


Course Content

  • Preparation for travel
  • Following company policy and procedures
  • Travel management and personal documentation
  • Health and security risk assessment
  • Transport and accomodation
  • Functioning overseas
  • Travel safety scenarios
  • Assessment.



The course should take around 40 minutes to complete. However, the major advantage of e-learning is that courses can be taken at the user’s own pace in order to maximise learning and knowledge retention.


Course License & Access:

  •   For small businesses, or companies needing 50 users or less: Credits can be bought to be used on the Planet Wise LMS which hosts this course.
  •   For larger corporations, or businesses with 50 or more users: We  sell various packages including a bespoke LMS hosted by Planet Wise to handle greater traffic flow and eclectic content requirement. This course is also a part of any bespoke LMS we structure should the Organization so desire.
  •   For businesses who already have their own Learning Management System: This course can be bought on a license basis – unlimited licenses are available for all courses.


Each license  of a Planet Wise course allows an administrator within an organization to keep track of delegates and monitor their progress. At any stage data can be downloaded and manipulated to assess take-up rates, performance levels and any areas that may need addressing via internal communication.

BONUS FEATURE: Training records can also be exported into your SCORM-compliant LMS giving the company the ability to record and maintain an audit trail or employee knowledge should a potentially litigious situation arise.