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  • Philippines

    "Latest update: Summary - removal of Tropical Storm reference

  • Pakistan

    Latest update: Safety and security, Islamabad updated information about advice to FCO staff: Terrorism - we advise caution in areas around US consulates in Pakistan:...

  • Guinea

    Latest update to Summary and Safety and security, Political situation section - Legislative elections to form a new National Assembly due to be held on...

  • Laos

    Latest update: Safety and security section - petty crime and travelling at night

  • Japan

    Latest update: Summary - leak of radioactive water at Fukushima nuclear facility

  • China

    Latest update: Summary - Severe Tropical Storm Trami

  • USA

    Change to Summary (Yosemite wild fires)

  • Egypt

    Latest update: Summary - enhanced security measures in South Sinai resort areas

  • Turkey

    Latest update: Summary - Fenerbah├že v Arsenal on 21 August

  • Taiwan

    Latest update: Summary - Severe Tropical Storm Trami


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