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A robust Travel Safety Policy is a must for all organisations that send staff or students overseas. It should be readily available, up to date, pertinent and pragmatic. Travellers need to know what to do, when to do it and how to use the knowledge held within it. In fact, it should form the bedrock for all international travel and be fully audit-able to ensure the organisation is covered under duty-of-care legislation.


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A Travel Safety Policy helps both the traveler and the organisation understand the correct processes and procedures to follow when booking and conducting overseas and domestic travel .

  • It  explains what services are available and where these can be accessed -be they occupational health, risk assessments or flight bookings.
  • It also explains what actions should be taken should an unforeseen incident occur when overseas. This might be from the mundane such as a lost passport right up to serious injury or even worse.


In today’s litigious clime a company has to be sure it’s being seen to be doing, and is actually carrying out its duty of care. Legislation affecting an overseas traveler can include:

  • The 1974 health and Safety at Work Act – a company must provide a safe working environment for all staff members, no matter where in the world they are.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Act (CSR) has now strengthened this and in particular with the recent introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act. Although not directly applicable overseas, it’s thought that a company could fall foul of the act if an employee dies overseas as a result of decisions made in the UK
  • The Bribery and Corruption Act – recently introduced with severe penalties for companies should an employee, agent or subcontractor fall foul of the law.


Linked Travel Policies

It may well encompass a range of other linked policies including:

  • Travel booking process – linking to TMCs or Travel Department
  • Country Risk Assessments
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Job Specific Risk Assessments
  • Security briefings –
  • Finance and Expenses
  • Laptop and Data Security
  • Personal Safety
  • Business Equipment
  • Overseas support
  • Communication


The Process

Planet Wise can help your organisation research, audit, write and implement a suitable Travel Safety Policy. We usually spend a couple of days on site researching and liaising with all relevant departments including: Finance, Travel, IT, Insurance, HR, Occupational Health, Directors and anyone else deemed necessary. During our research we include:

  • Administration
  • Pre-trip risk assessment
  • Inoculations
  • Expenses and how to claim
  • Personal safety
  • Driving abroad
  • Data protection
  • Emergency procedures


Your policy also needs to address more corporate requirements including:

  • Airline choice and safety records
  • Risk management for health and security
  • Trip management and sign-off (not just for budget)
  • Management of rogue travelers – those that travel outside of your policy and, therefore, put themselves and the business at greater risk
  • Determine what actions the business or traveler should take in the event of an emergency overseas (or back in the UK)
  • Internal and external resources available to improve the safety and well-being of staff when overseas